The Aryaa team

Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated professionals, who are all experts in their field. With many years of experience in the industry, they have the expertise to provide comprehensive, first- rate services to our clients. The team consists of a board-certified MD, Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Marketing head (20 years experience with major brands), Technology (over 50 years cumulative), and Business Strategy, Scaling, Startup and Build Experts. The Aryaa team is well versed in their profession as well as in the energetic world.

Kamal Hans


My Burning Question: The modern world is plagued by dis-ease, being disconnected - So, how do Eternal cultures such as the Aborigines, Nagas, Kogi Mamas etc. continue to thrive, live in harmony and health? What do they know, eat?   How do they live? A Visionary, Futurist Entrepreneur focused on moral, ethical and social responsibility.  Business to me is a mechanism in which a mutually beneficial exchange of energy occurs for some thing.  International /Inter-dimensional markets using technology to make the connection more efficient. What are my the human needs my clients need to fulfill?  My 30 years of experience includes lots of business activity including building and growing companies with over a thousand employees and tens of millions in a short time.  Many other labels, degrees, companies and experiences can also be applied.  The life I live is one of light, love, passion – it is through this uncompromising vibrational state that I channel into the Quantum for the love of all souls.

Dinkar Karumuri


Solution Specialist is his nickname, and his passion is to design and architect solutions to align with the Mission, Vision, and Purpose. Dinkar brings practical solutions to business challenges and brings concepts to reality. An expert in digital transformation realizes the actual value of technology to get the most out of their technology investment. Dinkar Karumuri has over 20 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, technologist, solution architect, and implementation leader for public and private sector clients Specifically, Dinkar Karumuri has expertise in delivering solutions in Digital Transformation, Application Modernization, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise Application Integration. Dinkar has a passion for natural foods and a thirst to find easy, convenient solutions to many health issues globally and works only with businesses with a higher purpose and a social/community benefit. That and his long association with Kamal made Aryaa a great fit. He is a seeker to realize he is happiness and that happiness is not something you achieve; though he is in the kindergarten stage of this spiritual journey, he is motivated. He is the founder of C4ITA ( Center for IT Talent Acceleration), which focuses on building software professionals in underserved communities. He also serves on various other not-for-profit and service organizations, following his passion for education. The motto of his spiritual learning from Chinmaya Mission is to “give more than what you receive.” Dinkar is a certified Project Manager, Certified Scrum Master with a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Dinkar spends time playing and biking with his kids in his spare time, and he enjoys cooking, playing golf, and traveling.

Annie Ziegler

VP Product Dev/Mgt

Service to humanity is at the center of the gifts Aryaa has given me. Over the last 2 years, I have been able to use my experience and Certification as a Holistic Health Coach, and knowledge of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine to architect Aryaa's beautiful Moong Bean Kit and Khichdi.   I help people around the world to become a better version of themselves through Food as Medicine, Movement, Spiritual Alignment and Meditation.  For me, it centers around nurturing and healing through Love.  I am a Global Citizen and have taught English, Spanish and Portuguese around the world.  I have been a translator and  a liaison for global attendees in Multi-National Diplomatic and Presidential events. I have always had a passion for education, which led me to a certification in the medical field and a degree in Interior Design.  My exposure to all of these life adventures has led me to Aryaa Organic.
Through Aryaa my mind/body/spirit learnings, real-world experiences (science based world), connections to our lineage and respect for elders has allowed me, as Product Manager, to be a weaver or bridge between these worlds.  The collective Spiritual Purpose, Mission and passion to impact humanity as a bridge to the beyond lights me up.  My passion is to serve as a light and example for a better you. This is what drives me.

Carlos Cervera

VP Marketing

Creative activist defender of Human and Environmental Rights. Creative Director and Founder Strategic Consultant of Mauna Branding Con Purpose, and Casa Sri Kalki. Through courses, workshops, lectures and art production, I have helped companies and organizations to use their gifts, creativity and strategies as an engine of social change towards a new humanity. Today I share energy as an artist, writer, meditator and creator of branding for companies with purpose and happy people. Over 13 years of my life have been dedicated to advertising, I have worked for national and international companies.  The advertising work when blended with spirit led to creating Conscious Advertising as a Trainer Advanced of the Oneness University in India. Service and connecting with other souls, fill my life with meaning
Why am I with Aryaa?  I was born out of time, I belong to the future, in which Aryaa chose me and I responded to the call, to accompany, witness and promote the manifestation of Aryaa – the potential of an extraordinary future.

Laura Mueller

VP Strategy

Laura is a practising holistic trainer, energy worker and musician living in Switzerland. Working to support executives and their teams in shifting perspective, acknowledging new opportunities in the here and now. She moves energy aiming to activate and unleash the innate potential and authentic self of leaders looking for their highest calling. She helps the mind release limiting beliefs and supports this process through embodiment practices that allow the physical and mental memory to align, integrate and reshape.  Throughout the past 10 years she has experienced various challenges as an employee, entrepreneur, and leader herself. Taking responsibility at a young age allowed her to connect with the various needs of business stakeholders and seek solutions to previously unsolvable challenges. Her continuous drive for healthier organizational and human ways of conducting business and entertaining dialogue have led her to today’s holistic practices centered around the human being as the core of any transformation. Bringing together ancient sacred truth and modern life is her way to holistic living.

Lorena Acosta

Creative Design

My journey from Cuba is not a fairytale.  Yet, I have been blessed with amazing opportunities.  The most profound of these is the ability to create and connect through my art.  Art for me: Evoke art as a means of questioning; a pause tinged with reflection that serves as a vehicle for connection and movement. A space of expansion for each inside, breathing in a present that transcends, full of depth, event and presence. To awaken doubt as to the ultimate goal within creation itself, as a way of recognizing in that other latent substance what throbs within us.
Dignify life endowing it with possibility. Be a channel: create a vessel for those who wander, become the portal for the voices that have been lost. That is the gist of my creation